acuchang acupuncture

Patients have described Andrew Chang as:

 Caring, gifted, a good listener, gives personal care, and treats you like family.” 

Spinal cord injury patient

"As a physician with a serious chronic condition, I've found it comforting as well as highly beneficial to be under the care of Dr. Andrew Chang, an expert in both modern Western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine.  Acupuncture has provided me with definite progress in regaining an overall sense of well-being, being better rested and having greater normalization of my bodily functions.  Dr. Chang is a competent and caring physician with excellent communication skills, and I recommend his services to my patients and others without reservation."-

-DAS MD, Columbus area physician

Migraine patient
 “Thank you for treating my headache. I really appreciate the fact that you would take the extra time to listen and explain my concerns and questions. I felt that you treat me like family.”
-Joann S, RN, BSN

Insomnia patient
"I learned about acupuncture from wife.  She recommended that I at least give it a try.  I was unable to sleep, I was experiencing extreme stress at work and my digestive system was not working as designed.  I went to Dr. Andrew Chang and tried acupuncture. I have been going to Dr. Chang ever since.  I have been able to reduce my stress, sleep much better at night and I no longer take sleeping pills at night.  My digestive system is also working much better. I was very skeptical about acupuncture at first.  My wife had to convince me to try it and I am so glad I did.  The entire experience has been wonderful.  Dr. Chang does a great job of explaining how the process works and he makes you feel extremely comfortable.  I have recommending Dr. Chang to my friends and even my Primary Care Physician."
-Rick B.

Mental disorder patient
"My brother Paul began seeing Dr. Chang this past summer. Paul has autism and he suffers from bouts of anxiety, insomnia and obsessive compulsions. It was his first experience with Chinese cupping and massage and it was amazing –he loved it! After a few sessions of Chinese cupping and massage with Dr. Chang, Paul was sleeping through the night. After a few more sessions, some of Paul’s compulsive behaviors had subsided. Over all I was so happy and thankful to have found a drug free alternative therapy to alleviate some of my brothers symptoms."
-Muna F.

Low back pain patient
"I am 67 years old and suffer from degenerative discs and arthritis in my lower back. I am seeing an orthopedist, doing stretching and core exercise. I have pain medication. Since seeing Dr. Chang for acupuncture and cupping treatment I have experienced improved flexibility and significantly less pain to the point where I rarely use pain medication. He is a gifted and caring doctor and I would recommend anyone with my symptoms give acupuncture and Dr. Chang a try. It has been a great help to me."
-Jeffrey B.

Chronic pain patient
"I suffer from neuromuscular symptoms and have tried many therapies over the years including acupuncture. So when a friend recommended seeing Dr. Chang, I wasn't hopeful but boy am I happy I did.  After several visits, my symptoms slowly started to fade including unrelated symptoms. I am quite confident I am well on my way to healthier self.  This could not possibly have occurred without the personal care I received from Dr. Chang."

Gastrointestinal disorder patient
"In my opinion, Andrew's acupuncture treatments helped me with sleep - quality improvement, stress reduction, improved digestion and joint mobility. He takes time to listen and explain, especially drinking more water. I highly recommend him!"
-Peter C.

Low back pain patient
"I began seeing Dr. Chang this past summer for chronic pain in my lower back, but when I started treatment I found that his methods also helped me with my insomnia! Previously I tried getting treatment for my lower back pain from various Chiropractors and a massage therapists and nothing seemed to alleviate my pain. So reluctantly, I went in for the acupuncture and Chinese massage. After my first session I felt a change in the location of my back pain. After a month of seeing Dr. Chang, I noticed my sleeping pattern had changed (getting more sleep) and I was no longer waking up with my usual debilitating pain in my lower back. I feel like I have regained years of my life, I am so glad I found Dr. Chang!"

-Nora F.

Sciatica pain patient
"I suffered a stiff joint on my left thigh over several years when I fell in the snow. I refused to take any pain pills. Coincidentally, it was recommended from my friend that I receive the acupuncture treatment from Dr. Chang. The pain finally was released. Dr. Chang not only helped me to recover from this problem. He was also willing to help me recover from other areas at the same cost. I will continue to receive treatment to improve my health!"
-Xantara M.